Program Bulletin #3

South Dakota Health link is pleased to announce the launch of the DIRECT project, a statewide secure messaging system to allow electronic transmission of information among health care providers. DIRECT will provide healthcare professionals, hospitals, and other facilities a secure network for exchanging patient referrals, reports, test results and other patient care documentation.

Establishing a messaging system that is more secure and efficient than current methods of faxing and/or mailing along with timely access to information is a key component of phased Health Information Exchange development in South Dakota. Demonstrating the use of electronic health records through electronic sharing of information is very beneficial to South Dakota providers and consumers.

Seven community healthcare facilities will participate in the pilot phase of the DIRECT project and will help serve a diverse population of patients and their families. These sites represent diverse locations which highlight how DIRECT can break down the geographic boundaries. Each site has unique use cases for DIRECT that meet their needs and provide real world examples how this can enhance their community outreach programs that serve not only their immediate areas but communities well beyond. South Dakota Health Link is pleased to have these pioneering sites participate in this pilot project that will ultimately improve the care and outcomes of patients throughout South Dakota.

Some of the pilot sites are:

  • Brown Clinic – Watertown, SD
  • Horizon Health Care, Inc. – Howard, SD
  • Human Service Agency – Watertown, SD
  • Human Service Center – Yankton, SD
  • Interlakes Medical Center PC – Madison, SD

For more information about DIRECT please call South Dakota Health Link at 605-256-5555.