Electronic Immunization Reporting

The South Dakota Immunization Program aims to protect all South Dakotans against vaccine preventable disease by increasing immunization coverage levels of children and adults.

The program provides vaccine, materials, training, and support to both public and private immunization providers throughout the state. It increases public awareness of immunizations by providing educational materials to all vaccine providers and working in partnership with local and statewide coalitions. The program also monitors immunization levels of children in South Dakota and is involved with vaccine preventable disease surveillance and outbreak control.

This public health option allows Eligible Professionals (EP) or Eligible Hospitals (EH) to electronically submit immunization records using Health Level Seven (HL7) to send the data.

HL7 is a standard messaging language that allows clinical systems to communicate with each other.  This language also allows your electronic health record system (EHR) to communicate with the South Dakota Immunization Information System (SDIIS) and will reduce your staff’s workload by electronically sending the immunization record that was previously hand-keyed into the SDIIS.

Public Health Meaningful Use Objective: Capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries/systems.

Please visit the South Dakota Department of Health website here.

Immunization Parent Frequently asked questions link, or visit the CDC Meaningful Use Immunization Information Systems page here


HL7 specifications – The SDIIS currently accepts HL7 2.3.1 and HL7 2.5.1 messaging.

Transport – Transport of Immunization HL7 transactions over the Internet Using Secure HTTP

Transmission – Remote System HL7 Transmission Requirements

EHR vendors who want to develop a HL7 interface with the South Dakota State Immunization Information System

You must have at least one provider in South Dakota who uses your Meaningful Use certified EHR product. The provider/EHR must:

  • Give vaccines;
  • Be enrolled with the South Dakota Immunization Program;
  • Have a certified EHR installed; and,
  • Have the capability to communicate in a bi-directional manner with the SDIIS.

If you meet these requirements, please contact South Dakota Health Link to schedule testing.

For MU Stage 1 please contact us.

Registration of Intent

For Stage 2, eligible participants will be required to register their intent to submit data to the South Dakota Department of Health within 60 days of the start of their EHR data reporting period. If you are ready to start your reporting period and wish to register your intent to submit please fill out the Registration form. Please note you must first have purchased EHR technology that meets the ONC 2014 edition Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) criteria.

Questions may be submitted to: